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A tragic tale of passion

Desengaño Street is a narrow lane situated in the heart of the historical center of Málaga, now known as Strachan Street. This street has a rich history and a legend that has been passed down over the years.

Legend has it that in what is now known as Strachan Street in Málaga, formerly called Desengaño Street, a thwarted love story originated, still echoing in every corner of this famous Malagan thoroughfare.

Yasmina was a young Muslim woman of unparalleled beauty, attracting the gaze of numerous suitors. Benjamin, a boy of humble origin who left his home to carve out a future in Málaga.

When he arrived in the city, Benjamin decided to stay at a modest inn on Desengaño Street. A decision that would shape his destiny forever. There, he began to work and learn the trade under the guidance of Carmen, the inn’s owner. Moreover, just a few meters away lived Yasmina, and before long, their destinies became intertwined.

After a chance encounter, Benjamin and Yasmina were captivated by each other, falling in love at first sight. Their love grew, and Benjamin proposed marriage, but Yasmina’s family, especially her strict father, opposed the union and confined her.

Over time, Benjamin resigned himself and decided to pour all the love he felt for Yasmina into the kitchen and the people around him. This he put into practice when inheriting the inn where he worked, which he transformed into the ‘Benjamin’s House of Meals.’

The young chef reinvented his dishes, offering distinct flavors and smaller portions at reduced prices so that customers could try various plates. Benjamin had something special that made him famous in the city. An art in cooking that made his dishes unbeatable, whether it was the selection of high-quality ingredients, precise cooking, or his secret touch.

Benjamin’s House of Meals became famous throughout the city of Málaga and beyond, attracting travelers and sailors arriving at the port. There, they found a refuge, both for the comforting effect of his dishes and the pleasure of feeling cared for and listened to.

His legacy lived on long after his death, and his House of Meals is still remembered as a place where a passion for cooking and customer care combined to create a unique experience. A legacy that we aim to continue with the utmost affection and respect. For tradition. For good manners.

For the men and women of Málaga. For the travelers who elevate this wonderful city. For Benjamin. For Yasmina. For you.
This story continues with you too. Welcome to our House of Meals.